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I finally caught up with the rest of the DIY world this weekend and visited a little store called Ikea for the first time.  I didn’t have Delilah with me, so all the following pictures were taken with Jarvis, my iPhone.  Sorry that some of them are blurry.

The only thing I didn’t get a picture of was a pillow that I was madly in love with, called Benzy Land.  I didn’t take a picture because I figured we were going to buy it and I could photograph it on my couch.  But once we got downstairs to pick it up, I found out they were sold out and the mean Ikea associate wouldn’t let me buy one of the displays.  I was really sad.

I didn’t buy any of these things, either, but I loved them enough to photograph them and tell you about them.

First up, we have the hanging lights in the cafe.


My Famous Foursome (me, Justin, Phil, and Dave) made the trip to Ikea yesterday and Phil and I really liked the lights here.  They were also for sale in the store.  We stopped at the cafe first to dine on scrumptious meatballs and mashed potatoes, and they were very delicious.

Next, I saw some home/wall decor I really liked.


Dave and I really liked this rolling cart.  I would have liked it in a darker color, like this cart:


I really loved these cascading bookshelves, though:


I don’t know what their actual name is, but I thought they were cool.

I’ve been thinking lately about changing our coffee table in our living room.  I saw a few that I liked, but we didn’t end up buying any of them.


I would have been happier with this one if it had been circular, I seem to have a fascination with those.


I love the white, and the storage underneath.  BTW, the guy standing behind it was what I’ll call flamboyant and kept hollering at this maybe-boyfriend-maybe-just-friend about putting plastic furniture in his new home.  We ran into him a few times in the store, and each time was entertaining.


I love the big window on top!  I also love the higher storage on the bottom, compared to the previous one.


I thought this raining light fixture was pretty neat.


I really like this huge map.  I think once we have a house, there will be a giant map somewhere.  Even if it’s just of one state.


I thought this little lamp was cute, and almost bought it, but they didn’t have any colors that I cared for.  It looks more raspberry-colored in the above picture, but this lamp was more of a plum.  The only two other colors they had were a dirty pink and a cream color.  Eh.


This room really flipped Justin’s and my switches.  We both dream of bookcases that go from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.


We almost bought the orange one on the left.  But Dave purchased the black and white one in the middle and it took up almost all of the length of our car for the 2-hour drive home.  So we probably couldn’t have fit the orange one even if we wanted to.  I like the black and white, but I would like it better if everything was black except for the very back of the shelf.  I don’t like how the print just eats everything.


Wouldn’t this make a banging entertainment center?


I love the red shelf with black boxes/bins/baskets in it.  Very chic.


I really like the princess mirror, but the shoe holder on the right was pretty ballin’, too.


Okay, this is my dream kitchen.  I love this.  I love the stone wall, the stainless steel appliances, the island-made-counter, the little technology nook, everything.  This will happen at some point.


I also really liked this one.  I love all the white, and the window seat on the right.


This kitchen was in one of Ikea’s makeshift houses that are insanely small.  This was one the 400-something sq. foot house.  I really like the cute little table and chairs.


And then, almost 3 hours later, our journey was over.  Here’s a shot of the stock room before you check out.  Just rows and rows of Swedish DIY goodness.

Ikea sure was a different experience for me, but I can’t wait to go back and get my pillow!

I did buy one thing, though.  I bought this print set, and the dragonfly is now up in the apartment.  Cute, huh?


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  1. I am actually going to IKEA today, so I am happy to see this. I love the Billy bookcase and think it would be great for my kitchen which could really use some extra storage. The cascading bookshelves are LACK. I have been peeping at them for a while as well. Great shelves.


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