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Rita Hayworth and Sewing Redemption

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Back on my old blog, there is a saved post that was never published talking about the sewing machine that my ah-mazing husband bought me simply as an I Love You gift back in March of last year.  I named her Rita Hayworth for absolutely no reason.  I was absolutely thrilled beyond measure to have one, and had been complaining for months on end that if I only had one, I could make this, and this, and that, too!

So, Justin bought me one, and being the excellent wife that I am, I became afraid of it.


I nearly refused to sew on it.  I had dreams of sewing on it, sure.  I made a Pinterest board of things I dearly wanted to sew, and I even realized up front that I would have to, like any other trade, sew for a while before I was any good at it.  I knew I wouldn’t make beautiful things from day one.  Even knowing all that, I just couldn’t make myself do anything with it.  This beautiful machine was finally mine, and I felt like a dog with a car.  I had been chasing this and had sky-high dreams of what to do with it, but now that I had it, I wasn’t sure what to do with it.

I did, however, manage to make just a few things with it.


I made a pillow on March 14, very shortly after I received the machine on the 8.  I was super proud of it, and the photo above even went on Facebook and was met with much cheering from my adorable friends.

Some time during that summer, I made some curtains to create a faux-window effect in my kitchen above the sink.  Here’s what it looks like today with some Vday decor over it:


I was really proud of the curtains, too.  I even made scrunchy-like tiebacks for them to avoid needing nails/hooks in that wall.

I also made Justin a dice bag last summer.  He says he’s gotten a lot of compliments on it at FNM and still uses it.  I’ve had to resew the casing, but it’s held up nicely.


All of this is to say, the things I’ve just listed are the only things I’ve made with this machine.  Aside from “stuff” I’ve sewn, there’s also at least two garments in our bedroom awaiting repairs: a pair of Justin’s work pants that just need the hem sewn down and a black dress of mine whose left seam has come apart.

I’ve had this machine for almost a year, and these are the only things I have to show for it?  That’s ridiculous.  Part of sewing, however, is buying fabric/thread/notions, and I will admit that it is because of the prices of those things that sewing has not become a more regular endeavor for me.  I do have some fabric to work with for the time being, though.  I want to make a circle skirt come spring; that’s been on my internal list for a while now.

I’m going in for a redemption.  This year, I hope to sew more.  At the very least, I hope to repair those two garments!  I will write again as I sew things.  Time to get on it!


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  1. Do it, girl! You’ll have a blast! And there’s no shortage of inspiration and encouragement here in the blogosphere.

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