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Daily Prompt: Karma Chameleon

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Daily Prompt

Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

I don’t know if I believe in reincarnation in terms of animals, but I’ve come to the conclusion that coming back as “someone else” isn’t such a wacky idea.

Have you ever had the sudden realization that you can do something – a skill, random knowledge, etc – and you’re not sure how you know that thing?  I happen to be really good at designing things in Photoshop.  We didn’t have a computer in my house until Luke and I were in high school, and I didn’t have a computer capable of Photoshop until my junior year of college.  I had no prior knowledge of working with computers, not really, but somehow I picked up this skill that was very loosely taught only a few times through my journalism classes and now I can navigate the complex editing program with some ease.  How is this possible?



  1. I just picked it up really well, or
  2. I learned how in a past life.

The idea of a past life was always sort of silly to me.  I was raised in a Christian home with pretty strict Christian standards, and we just didn’t believe in something like reincarnation.  It was like a sort of witchcraft or something.

But now that I am older and have been doing a lot of my own thinking, reincarnation of a soul just makes a lot of sense.

Have you ever had a family member pass away and then meet someone so exactly like them that you feel like you’re talking to that same deceased person?  Or have you ever given a suggestion on how to fix something, knowing it would just work but not knowing how you know?

I think these are examples of human-soul reincarnation.

I came across this photo back in March of 2010 on Tumblr.  After reading that, the epiphany began.  How weird is it to think that our souls simply inhabit a new home every couple of decades?  Isn’t that a lovely thought?  That God sends our souls back into the world somehow, to help someone or do something wonderful?  It’s a lovely recycling process to me.

Animals, however, are another idea completely.  I don’t know if animal souls can just trade in bodies like I can think human souls can, but perhaps it’s not such a wacky idea, either.


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  1. I LOVE THAT C.S. LEWIS quote. Saving ❤ XO


  2. Logistics question – if you were born before the computer revolution (and the advent of all that is Photoshop), how could whoever you were in a prior life have already gained that knowledge? 😀

    Great post. And as the loneshewolf said: Love that CS Lewis quote. Thanks for posting it.

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