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That Single by Better Than Ezra

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Guess what!  Yesterday was Good Luck Friday for the Waterfields!

First we found out that Dad is getting better.  Justin’s dad was taken to the hospital on Tuesday after choking on a piece of meat, where they found a tear in his esophagus.  They were able to remove the blockage safely, and they put him on medicine for the next three days hoping the tear would heal on its own.  If it does, he won’t need surgery.  And as of yesterday, it looks like the tear is healing!  God, science, and good vibes from friends save the day again.


The shirt above was Dad’s shirt way back in the day, and I stole it when Justin and I first started dating.  I’ve been wearing it as a good luck charm to get him out of the hospital, and I think it’s working! 😉

You remember how I wanted to get on those couple of projects that only Rita Hayworth could handle?  Totally did!  I fixed Justin’s pants, my little black dress, took in a pair of pajama pants I had forgotten about, and am going to turn a T-shirt into a pillow hopefully later today.  I felt SO boss, I called everyone to tell them I had hemmed pants.  It was a big deal.


Then this morning, I actually went for a run!  I know, it really shocked me, too.  I was reading Deadbeat last night and there is a small section in there about Dresden running and it made me want to run, too. 🙂  So I got up this morning and stretched, took Bonnie and brought her back (she is an AWFUL running mate), and ran for a little bit.  And I mean, just a little.  It kicked my ass pretty good, but I felt really good afterward.  Great tradeoff. 🙂


Side note: I also learned how to use my bike tire pump!  Usually when I run, I ride my bike a few times around the parking lot afterward before walking up the three flights of stairs to the apartment.  But since I hadn’t ridden the poor bike since November, the tires were flat as pancakes.  It was a learning experience.

So far, a good weekend is in store for us!  I’ll report more when I know more. 🙂

PS – the title is in reference to the song, “Good” by Better Than Ezra.  Ugh, I’m old enough to have to explain song references.  How sad.

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