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I (Sometimes Don’t) Enjoy Being A Girl

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After three years of not having insurance, I am finally on Justin’s work insurance this year.  Perhaps this will finally be the year we get pregnant!  I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon for my first official OB/GYN visit.  Up until now, since I was 19, I have gone to the health department for birth control.  I’m a little nervous.

More over, I’m irritated at looking at potential birth control options.  I’ve been on some sort of pill (I’ve tried LoEstrin 24, Ortho-Tricyclen Lo, Ortho-Novum 777, and one or two others) the whole time I’ve been on birth control.  As of today, I am officially out of pills.  I have been looking into other methods for birth control, and I have some problem with all of them.

Currently, I’m on the pill, and here are some problems I have with it:

  • Weight gain (super annoying!)
  • Fatigue
  • Multiple PMS symptoms
  • Super light periods – almost none at all, but they’re there
  • Mood swings

I have two friends who are currently taking different forms of birth control, one an IUD-type rod in her arm called Implanon, and the other NuvaRing, so I got their input and did some research of my own.

With Implanon (this one is under the skin on her forearm):

  • Progestagen only, no estrogen (win)
  • Good for three years (win)
  • Fertile 6 days after removal (also win)
  • Not sure on the price, since my friend got it through Medicaid at the time
  • Weird side effects, like random lactation

With NuvaRing:

  • Side effects include headaches and weight gain (boo)
  • From what my other friend and the website told me, the ring seems to come out very easily, even during a bowel movement (BIG boo)
  • Not sure how soon after removal one is fertile
  • Not sure on price
  • And not sure on how long before it’s effective

For some of my own research, I looked into Mirena.  Mirena seems to be a good fit for me for several reasons, and one reason I don’t particularly care for.

With Mirena:

  • IUD, so no daily/weekly/even monthly dosage (win)
  • Good for up to 5 years (win)
  • Able to conceive immediately after removal (BIG win)
  • Have to “check threads” (scary)
  • From what the website said, nearly every woman who uses Mirena just completely stops having periods after the first 3-6 months.  That’s really scary to me.  I just feel like it’s what my body is supposed to do, and now something is stopping them altogether.  I don’t know – I’ll see what she says.
  • It seems like Mirena is mostly meant for women who have already had at least one child and are using Mirena during the “waiting period” before having more children.  But there was nothing on the site that indicated that women who have never had children before (me) couldn’t/shouldn’t use it.
  • Not sure how long it takes to start being effective.
  • Also not sure of the cost.

So far, that’s the only research I’ve done.  If there is a pill available that doesn’t cause such strong PMS symptoms (perhaps is just really low in or doesn’t contain estrogen), I’d be willing to try it.  I’m super open to Mirena, so I will see what the doctor says.

I’m going to call in the morning because when I scheduled this appointment, I didn’t realize it coincided with my period.  I’m already bleeding, and I’m going to see if they still want me to come in or if I can just reschedule for sometime next week.  I’m hoping it’s the latter.  I’d like to get everything done in one visit and have more time to research if necessary.

Anyway, just wanted to jot that down.  It helps me get my thoughts in order.

If anyone has tried any of the above methods and has some knowledge to throw my way, I’d love to hear it!

Update on 2/11: I called this morning and ended up rescheduling.  I go in on March 6.  It feels like a long time to wait.  So mad I didn’t check for period week when I originally scheduled. :/


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  1. I did this whole thing with the IUD. Mirena was going to cost me $1400 after insurance. I also have a couple friends on it and they said the cramps are horrible. Not worth it. With me having serious issues with blood clotting there aren’t many viable forms of birth control. So honestly, there is only one way to be truly “safe” and even that is iffy. The threads on the Mirena aren’t too bothersome but it was the price and the cramping that did me in. I hope your appointment goes well. ps- Try planned parenthood.


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