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Things I’ve Learned About Pinterest

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Do you have a Pinterest account?  Of course you do!  Who doesn’t?  I was one of the first of my friends to have one and didn’t really understand how to use it until everyone else joined.  As far as I can tell, I’ve had a Pinterest account since late 2011.  Once I had it, it sat dormant for several months before other people I knew joined and I could repin what they pinned.  After that happened, I finally felt like Pinterest was an enjoyable thing.

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For as long as I’ve used Pinterest, I can safely say that I’ve learned a few things.  There are some pins that are recycled so much that it’s overkill.  Then there are some people who I don’t think have really grasped what the big P is about yet.  Whatever the case, there are some things about Pinterest that annoy me from time to time.

Here are some of the repeat offenders:

  1. Apparently, my definition of “cheap” and everyone else’s isn’t exactly the same.  Maybe this is just because I don’t own a home yet and don’t really have a realistic idea of what renovation/upcycling/crafting for a big space costs.  But even then, there are tutorials for things like sewing or smaller crafts that I can/could do, and those are always more expensive than I’d like as well.  I really love how a wall of shelving looks until I find out it cost the creator nearly $300 to complete, and they had the audacity to call it cheap!  Again, maybe that is cheap to a homeowner.  It just doesn’t sound cheap to a renter like me.
  2. We must save every toilet paper roll we can, lest our decorations look empty.  Surely you’ve seen this pin.  It was HUGE around Christmas.  This pin suggested taking a toilet paper roll and sticking it into a vase or other container as a filler in the middle of small ornaments or other decorating pieces.  If I had a nickel for every time I saw this pin, I wouldn’t have to work.
  3. Blue Dawn dish soap fixes everything.  If there is a pin that’s giving a cleaning tip, blue Dawn dish soap is somewhere in the list of ingredients.  Maybe it’s always been like that and I just didn’t know.  Maybe the blue soap was originally marketed as a clean-all agent and we are just now remembering it.  Who knows – all I know is that if you’re gonna clean, you better use the blue soap!
  4. Some people have really pointless boards.  This goes along with the idea that Pinterest is simply virtual hoarding.  Do you have a friend (or three) who has a board of favorite movies?  What about “Books Worth Reading?”  I don’t understand what the point of these boards is.  Okay…now we know that one of your favorite movies is Mean Girls.  So?  What purpose did pinning the image of the DVD cover serve?  Same with books, or dream cars, or anything else that doesn’t really serve much of a purpose other than to tell other people that’s your favorite blank.
  5. People don’t use their own captions.  Just the other day, a girl I know who has no children to speak of repinned something with the caption “my son will love this!”  This annoys me to no end.  Why are people so lazy that they can’t even put in their own caption?  If it’s just a recipe and the caption is the name of the dish, then okay.  But when another pinner leaves a personal comment and the repinner doesn’t correct/delete it, it drives me crazy.

So there, that’s 5 things I’ve learned about Pinterest.

What have you learned?


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