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Since I had been catching up on Dead Beat the last couple of days, I hadn’t had a chance to write about what Justin and I did for Valentine’s.

We were out with Dave and Phil a few weeks ago at a little hole in the wall called Toast.  Toast offers toasted sandwiches, along with side items like soup and chips.  We ordered lunch and in usual fashion had to wait for quite a while to get our food to go, since Toast is quite the happening joint here in the Dirty D.

While we were waiting outside, I noticed that The Cupcake Bar, an adorable little cupcake cafe that had been in the construction stages before opening to the public all last summer, was finally open.  Then I noticed that next to it was a pizzeria I hadn’t ever noticed before, called Pizzeria Toro.


The idea struck like lightning.

This was going to be our Vday date, and I knew almost a month in advance.  I told Justin this standing there, but I don’t think it took it all too seriously.  Then I kept badgering him about for the next couple of weeks and he got the hint. 😉

Vday was on a Thursday this year and we didn’t want to get caught up in the crowd nor were either one of us up for it on a workday, so we opted for the weekend for lunch since there wouldn’t be a huge crowd.

We headed out Saturday for lunch, both dressed in our fancy black coats.  It was also snowing, which made both of our hearts flutter a little bit.


We went to Toro first and chose from a somewhat snooty menu (the pizzas were categorized as Red or White, like wine, and also had some super odd flavors – no one knew what any of the fancy words were that topped any of the pizzas.  Classic Durham.).  We ate the sweet fennel sausage and provolone pizza.  It was tasty, but the pizza was on the small side and there was a dainty amount of cheese on it for the two people on the planet who would gladly endorse the pan pizzas at Dominos.  But it was good!

Then, we headed next door and had a small taste of heaven.


That day, The Cupcake Bar had chocolate peanut butter cupcakes (the little one above).  Both Justin and I opted for one of those, and it couldn’t have been a better decision.  YUM.  I highly recommend it.  Again, they were a tad pricey – the little ones are $1.50, and the standard sized ones are $3.00.  But it was our Vday date, so we didn’t mind.  We don’t ever go out like that much anyway, so we savored the moment.


And took silly pictures. 🙂

As we sat in either place and ate, we were granted a huge window to people watch out of, and it was so nice.  Plus the snow made it so New Yorky to me.  I have never been there, so in my mind this was NY to me.  I also got my new favorite picture of Justin:


Isn’t he handsome?

After we were done with cupcakes, we walked through the snow to the car and headed home, where we got into comfy clothes again and hung out until Dave and Phil came over for shenanigans.

It was a fantastic date.  One of the best we’ve been on in a long time.



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