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I got an email from the student loan company telling me that my account has been moved to Sallie Mae.  The email said, “As the number of Direct Loans continues to grow, Federal Student Aid has expanded their federal loan servicers to provide additional servicing capacity for the Title IV loans owned by the U.S. Department of Education.  This will ensure an efficient and effective multi-servicer, borrower-centric approach to servicing.”  To check this out, I logged on to my borrower account and saw this:

ImageGood Lord, do I wish it was true.

Apparently, my loan account was “adopted” by Sallie Mae, even though I didn’t take any loans out through them.  Maybe it’s a huge error, and now according to the loan company I don’t owe anything!  What a blessing that would be…

In other news,

I saw this picture today in a BuzzFeed article:

click for full article

Along with the word “Petrichor,” which means the scent of rain on dry earth.

Isn’t that a lovely visual?  It was a peaceful thing.

I guess all-in-all today was really peaceful.  Even though I know the loan thing isn’t for real, it still gave me a sense of peace just to see it.

Hopefully, this is a sign of peaceful stuff to come.


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