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Is an IUD the Answer to My SOS?

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Yesterday, I was finally able to visit the OB-GYN’s office I have been trying to make an appointment for since last month.


I had to go through a little bit of rough waters before I was finally able to go.  The day before my original appointment, my period came.  I had to reschedule for March 6.  The weekend before my appointment, the OB-GYN I had scheduled the appointment for (not to mention had performed research on that rivaled research for my college papers) took medical leave.  The office called me to inform me of this, and they ended up scheduling me for the same day and different appointment time with Amanda O’Briant, who had actually been Dr. Artis’s assistant and was trained under her.  I felt pretty good about that.

I got there around 2:30.  My appointment was for 2:50 (such a weird time).  I was there until 5:30.  I had not expected to be there for 3 hours, but the office also hadn’t expected to lose one of their prime doctors two days before a flood of appointments.  I was left in my exam room several times so that Amanda and her assistant, Charisse, could go check in on someone else.

We had an abundant talk about the different types of birth control.   After going over what I expected from a birth control, and after discussing which methods I was willing to try, Amanda decided that Mirena was a good fit for me.  When I was researching all the different types for my original appointment, Mirena was the one that really fit the bill for me.  We continued with my annual exam, and everything was said to be very pink and healthy.  Good for me!

Right now, I am waiting on a call from the pharmaceutical company to tell me how much my insurance will charge me for Mirena.  If the amount is what we want it to be (it was said with great certainty that it would only cost me my copay, which is $45…which sounds way too good to be true), then all we have to is schedule an appointment to insert it.  It all sounds pretty good.

I was just glad everything seemed good in the exam yesterday.  Cancer runs in my family on both sides, and it scares me to death.

However, any solutions for high blood pressure?

When I arrived at the office, a nurse took my BP, and it was super high.  I told her that’s how it usually is for me and she agreed to take it again after the appointment.  By that time, it was down better than 10 points!  Even so, the lower number was still a little higher than it was supposed to be.  Any old wives’ tales or anything for lowering it?  I really don’t want to start on any pills for it, despite Amanda not even mentioning medication for it.

Any suggestions?

Hope all the other ladies out there are getting good feedback on their bodies, too!


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