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Evicted, Sort Of.

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It’s been a hard couple of days, folks.

Justin and I headed home for Easter this past weekend.  The weekend was full of fun, food, and family.  A great time was had by all.  On the way home, we discussed a potential trip to Universal Studios in Florida for our anniversary in November.  We were having the best time reminiscing about the same trip back during Spring Break of our senior year of high school.  We were also planning to recreate this photo if we can find the same photo booth:


I was getting super excited about all of that, until we got home and checked the mail.

Inside was a letter from Ticon, the company that owns our apartment complex.  Our lease is up in May, and every year Ticon sends out a letter reminding you that you either need to renew or make plans to get out.  We just figured it was our reminder letter.  It wasn’t.  It was this letter instead:


We were absolutely shell-shocked.  That is a huge increase!  It’s a $40-per-month jump, and it took every bit of air out of our balloons.  My brain immediately jumped into moving mode, as did Justin’s for a little while.  I began thinking of how to pack up our lives that have taken root in this little apartment.  After we slept on it Sunday night and the initial avalanche of shock wore off, we began looking for other places to move yesterday.

We were told by one of our friends to lightly threaten our landlord and tell him that we would move out simply because of the rent increase.  But Justin and I both feel like they would just laugh in our faces and tell us to go, since these particular apartments are in high demand in our area.  These apartments are so good for us; they’re in a safe, quiet, convenient location; work is 5 minutes away, every fast food place is up the street, Kroger is up the street, as well as three different interstates.  It’s perfect.  We’ve grown so accustomed to living here.

Justin tried to play the seniority card with our landlord since we’ve lived here for three years, but the landlord, who is brand new by the way, just said he was new and didn’t have a relationship with anyone yet, and basically just didn’t come right out and say that he didn’t care about that.  He also said he couldn’t do anything about the increase for us.

Back to the search for a new place.

I spent a good part of the day yesterday looking into other places, but so many of them are either really ghetto/scary, expensive, or inconvenient.  Not to mention that the reviews for any of these places are completely subjective.  Just because the experience is bad for one person doesn’t mean it’s bad for another, nor does one person’s bad opinion of the place speak for everyone who lives there.

I’m looking into enlisting the help of a real estate agent.  I feel like that would make the process a little easier, since our method of Googling and hoping for the best is just stabbing in the dark and hoping the knife lands in something good.  We’ll see.

We have until May to really start panicking, and it’s not a life-or-death situation.  We could stay here if all else fails and just take it up the you-know-what and pay the outrageous rent.  We’re just weighing all our options at this point.

I know that we aren’t technically being evicted, but reading that letter on Sunday sure made me feel that way.  It may as well have been an eviction notice.  Ticon, thanks to market pricing and other crappy stuff, has us by the balls and they know it.  It’s a sucky situation.  I’ll post when I have any more news, good or otherwise.

Prayers are appreciated, as are any tips you can leave me for apartment hunting.

Hope everyone’s week is going well, or at least better than mine!


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  1. I am getting an agent. Took me a while to hunt one down but I think I got her.

  2. Where are you at in Raleigh? I am moving there in October.

    • I’m in Durham. I’m about half an hour out of Raleigh, depending on where you’ll be. What will you be doing up here? I’m so excited that we’ll be able to hang out! 🙂

      • Not sure where we are looking to move to in the area, we still need to scope it all out to see where we like to be. But we are moving up there for Phil’s job, he works with the department of transportation. I’m excited to live in a city where I actually know people! 🙂

      • Girl me too! 🙂

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