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Vampire Weekend

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I got to see my mom over the weekend.  She works in a high school and was on Spring Break, so she came up on Wednesday afternoon to visit!  We spent Wednesday at the grocery store grabbing some food her little diabetic body could handle and relaxing until Justin got off work.  Thursday was super rainy, so we stayed inside and started our Twilight Saga marathon.  Recently, my mom started reading the Twilight books.  I read them back in 2010 after I graduated from college and people way too old to appreciate the story were becoming completely enamored with it.  I even tweeted about it.

When the movies started and got to be the huge thing they turned into, my mom got into them.  I kept telling her to read the books.  She just passed me right off.  Fast forward to two weeks ago.  My mom finally bought the fourth, two-part movie on DVD and was discussing it with my best friend Molly and Luke’s girlfriend Elyse.  Molly and Elyse told her that it was so different from the book.  This was the straw on the book-camel’s back.  She calls me as she’s reading the 15th page in the fourth book, where she’s started reading.  She didn’t even bother to start at the first book!  As a reader, this instantly infuriated me.  We got into a small argument where she actually told me that she had already seen the movies so she “already knew what happened” and didn’t need to read those other books.  I finally convinced her (read: screamed more than I should have) to start at the beginning, and she ended up reading all four books in 5 days.  She was hooked.  Interestingly, I had only seen the first two movies.  Now that my mom owned all the movies, she brought them with her so I could see all of them.  We started at the beginning.  Of course.

We only got through Eclipse on Thursday.  We finished up Breaking Dawn on Friday morning and then grabbed some shawarmas for lunch.  The rest of Friday was spent hanging out and passing out early on the couch.  Saturday morning was fun.  We got up and went to the Farmer’s Market.

C is for Caty: Famers Market screencap

It was incredible.  Saturday was the first full morning of the season, so instead of just being open from 10-12, the market opened at 8 a.m.  There were so many vendors and a ton of people.  The last time I had been to the market, there was only a handful of tables that didn’t even fill up the pavilion floor.  There were two blocks blocked off for this thing on Saturday!  I bought a $1 pink lemonade and shared it with Mother as we walked around and looked at everything.  I ended up buying a half carton of range-free eggs.  They were really interesting colors.

The one in the bottom left was so large the carton wouldn’t close.

After the market, Mother and I headed to Dolly’s.  I found this cute little vintage shop by accident, and have been trying to show it to my mom for a long time.  But every time we’d go, the store was closed for some random reason like a flu breakout.  So we made sure to call this time and thankfully they were actually open!  Mother loved it and talked the owner’s ear off with explaining what everything was and how she grew up with it.

We had a let’s-get-lost adventure that only Durham can offer on the way back to the apartment where we waited to take Mother to the train.  We took her and dropped her off, where she proceeded to wait an hour on her late train and I felt awful for leaving her there.  She said the train ride home wasn’t the best, but she was just happy to see her Dolly.

That evening, Justin, Bubbles, Dave, Lukas, and I went to a reading/launch party for an author friend of ours named Gabe Dunston.  I highly recommend him for commissions. 🙂  Our group headed to Denny’s and then met back up with author-n-friends at a bar in Raleigh called Flying Saucer.  We all drank and laughed til 2 a.m. and by the time we got home, all Justin and I could do was sleep.  Needless to say, yesterday was spent doing as close to nothing as possible.

It was a lovely weekend of movies and mothers and markets and magic and madness.  I hope everyone else’s weekend was as wonderful as mine!


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