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A “Moving” Realization

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You may remember a week ago when I posted this photo:


It was a photo of the letter our new landlord sent us to let us know that our rent would be going up quite a bit ($40 a month!) and we had a little over a month to either renew the lease or move out.  There were a few things that really rattled us:

  • The actual increase, of course.  It’s a big jump.
  • Suddenly we are required to give a 60-day written notice.  Our lease ends on May 20, but the letter wasn’t sent til after March 20, which would have been the 60 days.  Would we be unfairly penalized for that?
  • New jerky property manager is jerky.
  • After looking for another place to go, we were beginning to lose hope because it felt like there wasn’t anywhere else that was as nice as where we live for any less in price.

But then yesterday happened…

I felt like I had done everything I knew to do.  I had gotten personal recommendations for places to move, I had simply Googled and hoped for the best, I enlisted the help of a real estate agent… I wasn’t sure what else to do to find another place to live.  We weren’t having any luck whatsoever finding a place anywhere near as nice as where we live now, in a decent location, for the same price or lower.  We found a handful of lower-rent places, but I wasn’t willing to move into something as grungy as some of those places were just for a lower rent.  We were ready to just call it quits and accept our fate in our current apartment for another few months.

But yesterday morning, Justin sent me an email (titled, “one last hurrah” to suggest that if this didn’t work out we would have to suck it up at Ticon) with a link to a search engine he had forgotten about that is used only for Duke students and faculty to find housing.  There was another link in the same email from Justin that clarified perks offered for Duke employees or students that people may not know about.  I tried the engine first.  I found a few good options and told him about them.  But then I tried the perks link.  I went through and picked the ones that gave us the best perks, skipping over ones I knew would be too pricey.  After checking into the ones I had chosen from the perks list, I found a site called Century Trinity Estates.  If you click that link, it’ll take you to their floor plans.  We would be living in the first one-bedroom plan, called The Athens.

Do you see the square feet?  Our current apartment is 700 square feet.  This is the smallest one bedroom they have, and it’s 828!  The rent is of course a little higher.  It’s $695 a month.  Now, before you call Hypocrite, hear me out.

  • Yes, the rent is higher.  It’s even higher than our new rent in our current apartment would be.  But the amenities that are offered under that rent are worth it.
  • These are super-luxury apartments.  And they’re big!
  • They’re in a good location, still close to Justin’s work and still close to whatever we need: groceries, shopping, food, interstates, etc.
  • Um, hello, did you get a good look at the above photo??

Justin called yesterday to schedule an appointment and we were almost denied because we were incorrectly told that Bonnie was too heavy to live there.  I called them back and got the associate property manager who told me there was no weight limit, so we were really relieved.  I’m stupidly excited to go see them today.  Our appointment isn’t until 5, so I’m just going to be super excited all day.  I’ll be sure to update later tonight after we’ve seen it.  With plenty of pictures, of course.

If there was any time I’ve asked for a prayer where I really wanted the outcome, this is top 5!  Here’s hoping!!

PS – we got this email this morning from our new landlord in response to Justin asking about move-out procedure in case we decide to move.  Is is just me, or does it come across as really annoyed?

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 12.14.27 PM


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