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A Love Letter to Bonnie

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On November 16, 2011, just two days after Justin and I had been married for one year, a black and tan coonhound jumped into the back seat of our car and changed our lives.

We met Bonnie on November 5, 2011.  Her foster parent brought her to our home to meet her.

From the first time we met her, we knew Bonnie was meant to be our dog.

And also that she was a little kooky.

The first time we met Bonnie, she went by a different name – Sallie Mae.  We already knew that name wasn’t going to work, so with her foster parent present, I just opted to call her “girl.”  As soon as we were out of earshot, her name was Bonnie.

Bonnie came home to a small pile of about three toys we had picked out for her, one being a little stuffed lion that I chose.  At first, I was more than elated that Bonnie had chosen my toy to be the first one she played with.  Then I heard the ripping.  Turns out, Bonnie’s hunting nature was no match for stuffed toys.  So now she only gets to play with rubber toys or ropes, the latter of which she also tears apart.

Bonnie is many things to me.  She’s a welcome wagon, a spectacular vacuum cleaner, and sometimes even a running partner.

Bonnie is absolutely chill when it comes to playing dress up, too.  She lets me put jackets, shirts, hats, and even sunglasses on her.  She plays along until I’ve had my fun and doesn’t ever fight it too hard.

Bonnie is always good for a laugh, for sure.

Whether she’s hiding under the bench at the vet…

…posing for silly pictures after getting groomed…

…or even just wrapping herself up like a burrito in our covers for a nap…

…Bonnie always gives us a reason to smile.

She’s also a diva.  Just a little bit.

Sometimes, she drags her food bowl into the middle of the floor to alert us that she wasn’t given what should have been a Texas-sized portion of food to eat.

She also has a special pillow that is just for her to lay on.  I bought that pillow at TJ Maxx and when I brought it home and told her it was for her, she immediately understood and still lies on it.

She also prefers to take her naps in what is of course the comfiest place in the apartment, our bed.

But that’s okay.  We love our Bon Bon.

You know, Bon Bon is French for candy.  And such a sweet name couldn’t be attributed to a sweeter dog.

Bonnie is loving, caring, attention-getting, a little simple, and a lot of heart.

She’s also just a gorgeous animal.

Bonnie is my buddy.  She’s always there when I need her.  She knows some secrets that no one else does, and I know she’ll keep them.  She’s happy to see me every single time I come in my front door, even if I’ve only been gone for 5 minutes to take the trash out.  For the most part, she listens to me, too. 😛

Bonnie’s one of the most perfect dogs out there, and I’m absolutely thrilled that I got the opportunity to call dibs on her.

Bonnie, thank you for all the cuddles (even the ones at night where you refuse to move!), the kisses, the laughs, the pictures, the steps, and compassion, and the four happy paws that I hear charging at me from the door.  You make my life so happy.  I can’t believe that there was a time before, where you weren’t here all the time.  I remember that time, and it was lonely.  Thank you for taking that loneliness out of my life.  I love you a little more each day.  I’m always finding out more about you and your personality, and you are one cool cat (well, dog)!

I’m excited about all the love and memories that are to come.

Mommy loves you, Bon Bon.


for the readers – if you want a tale that will give you chills, make you cry, and make you love your pet even more, read here.

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