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eBook Review: Bossypants

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Bossypants, by Tina Fey


Bossypants is a book of essays by Tina Fey.  The book is half biography and half host to observations, rants, and recollections of Tina – a television writer, producer, and actor/comedienne.

Tina Fey, probably best known for portrayal of Sarah Palin on SNL or Liz Lemon on 30 Rock, wrote a book of essays detailing several sections of her life from her childhood and respecting her father to motherhood to being in The Biz.  Tina recalls growing up in the ’70s and all the many pop references that come with it.  Her observations are written with adults in mind; a teenager wouldn’t get near the kick out of this book that an adult would.  Tina sheds light on what it’s like behind the scenes of a television series – her chapter on how 30 Rock came to be is the longest in the book and the most informative.  She discusses things that don’t generally come up in everyday conversation, as well as things that everyone respectively experiences but just doesn’t think merits discussion.  Her writing style and casual tone make this book a light and enjoyable read.

I found Mindy’s book, often referenced alongside and compared to this book, more relevant.  There’s nothing wrong with Bossypants – I enjoyed it, but I felt the entire time I was reading it that someone between my age and my mother’s would enjoy and appreciate it more.  I was able to appreciate all of Tina’s comments and observations regarding in-laws and some of her college memories.  The book did not have me rolling in the floor laughing, but rather giving a loud, raucous jolt of laughter every so often.  I really enjoyed being privy to the behind-the-scenes action of 30 Rock, since I love the show so much.  I would not liken Tina’s book to a collection of blog entries like Mindy’s, but rather just what it is – a book of essays.  And that’s okay; it’s still very enjoyable in its own right and I would recommend it to someone if I thought they were either what I consider the appropriate age to be, or was very educated regarding ’70s culture and style.  (I would even add that being a mother would probably increase your chances of enjoying/fully appreciating this book.)  I enjoyed the laid-back style and casual, to-a-friend writing.  I give it 4/5.

For Next Time

KK6: Dark Passage, by Ridley Pearson

The five Kingdom Keepers and their core friends have uncovered a startling truth: Maleficent and the Overtakers (Disney villains) are plotting a catastrophic event that could have repercussions far beyond the world of Disney.

Aboard the Disney Cruise Line’s inaugural passage through the new Panama Canal, the Keepers and their holograms uncover a puzzle hidden within the pages of a stolen journal. The point of that puzzle will reveal itself in the caves of Aruba, the zip lines of Costa Rica, and the jungles of Mexico. A destructive force, dormant for decades, is about to be unleashed. The five Kingdom Keepers are to be its first victims.


Third Year’s A Charm

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Do you or someone you know use Timehop?  It’s a neat app that shows you what you’ve posted on today’s date, on social media sites, up to eight years ago.

Two years ago today, I posted this to Facebook:


And one year ago today, I tweeted this:


I would like for the third year to be even better.

I want to get even better at running/eating better/doing better.  It has officially been one year since I started running.  But it’s also officially been one month (almost) since my last run.

I want to change this.

At first, it was easy to blame it on the new job.

But now, I don’t want to “blame” my laziness on anything.

I just want to run.

So, here’s to getting up at 5:30, lacing up, and getting into my two-breath rhythm.

Hope the third year’s a charm.

Wish me luck!

Life by Numbers

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Here are some numbers that are currently relevant to my life:

6.  Pounds I’ve gained, and am subsequently trying to lose, since starting my new job.
80.  Dollars my new most favorite blanket of all time cost me this weekend (it’s the yellow one).
90.  Calories in the most yummy yogurt ever.


6.5.  Days left in Shark Week, aka: the number of days until I am at least a little less moody.
4.  Tasks left at work until the “cursed” report is finally done. 
40.  Minutes left in the work day.
1.  Love of my life, Justin. ♥

“Want”: A Post About Children

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Since Justin and I are planning to have children at some point, we talk about them a lot.  We discuss their names, whose nose or eyes they’ll have, how we hope they’re healthy and have curly hair.

But along with talking about the good/hopeful stuff, we talk about the “bad” stuff sometimes, too – aka, the hard stuff.  We hope they don’t turn out to be delinquents.  We hope they don’t turn out to be difficult or hard to deal with (moreso than a typical teenager should be, let’s say).

I ask Justin questions about our future children all the time, and sometimes the questions are serious because I’ve thought about these facets of child-rearing and want to get his thoughts.

One such question was, “Would you rather our daughter be atheist or a lesbian?”  Justin’s preferred child is a daughter, so thinking in terms of his little girl was difficult.

Both Justin and I are religious in our own ways, and hope our children will be, too.  In spite of this, he answered that he would rather she be atheist.  This stunned me that he hoped so much that our child wouldn’t be gay, that he would rather she be anti-religious.

My brother and my husband think very similarly on many topics, so I asked Luke this question as well.  Same answer.

Is your child being gay really so much of a scary thing?

Gay is simply another part of who one is.  Being gay doesn’t make you any more intelligent, or any dumber, or any nicer, or any more of an asshole.  All the word “gay” defines is who one loves – not personality flaws/enhancements.

(Truthfully, it’s much scarier to me that my child wouldn’t have some sort of faith system.  I would have a harder time dealing with something like that, but I still maintain that that decision is up to them.)

But here’s why I wanted to write this post: so many parents are, in my opinion, far too concerned with what they “want” for their children and not nearly concerned enough with wanting their children to feel loved.  They would rather their child be “perfect,” in their opinion of what perfect is, than to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Justin struggles with the idea of, “I don’t want my children to be gay, but I’ll love them even if they are.”  Luke just focuses on the first part.  I’m sure he’d still love his children, of course, but the idea of someone of his own blood being gay really upsets him.  That is his personal preference and he is welcome to feel however he feels.

Here’s my thing.

I don’t want my children to be gay.  And I don’t want my children to be straight.  I don’t want them to marry someone who is black or Mexican, but I don’t want them to marry someone who is white like us, either.  I want them to be who they are.  All of my personal afflictions don’t matter for them – they only matter for me!

I’m not gay, so I married a man.  I was attracted to Justin and he happened to be white.  He could have been another race just as easily, but he wasn’t.  Neither of those things matters whatsoever to my future child.  They are going to fall in love with whomever they choose, and that will be that.  Just because I chose those components in who to love has absolutely no bearing on what my children will feel.  I think it’s incredibly asinine to assume that your children will pick the very same path you did just because you created them.  You didn’t create a clone – you created another thinking, breathing, living human!  Who can think on their own!  That should be nurtured, not condemned because it isn’t identical to your own.

To simply make a blanket statement and say that I’m not going to have any opinion at all on who they want to spend the rest of their life with would be unrealistic.  But I’m going to raise my children to know and to appreciate that I don’t care who they become, as long it is safe and good for them.  I want them to be who they were born to be, no matter what that ends up being.  As long as it makes them happy and it doesn’t hurt anybody else, then it won’t bother me either.

God & Good

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This morning, as I do every morning, I prayed on the way to work.  Praying is a daily thing for me, and one of the only reoccurring religious things I do.

One of my favorite things in the Dresden Files is how Butcher describes the feeling of security that prayer gives the believer.  In one such description, Butcher writes about Michael – a religious friend of Harry’s – who says a prayer before they go into battle in book 3:

“‘Lord,’ Michael said.  ‘We walk into darkness now.  Our enemies will surround us.  Please help to make us strong enough to do what needs to be done.  Amen.’   Just that.  No fancy language, no flashy beseeching the Almighty for aid.  Just quiet words about what he wanted to get done, and a request that God would be on his side-on our side.  Simple words, and yet power surrounded him like a cloud of fine mist, prickling along my arms and my neck.  Faith.  I calmed down a little.  We had a lot going for us.  We could do this.”

Grave Peril, by Jim Butcher

This is exactly what it feels like to me whenever I pray.  It feels like a cloud, a ring, a safety net, has been placed midair around me.  It’s hanging there, doing what I’ve asked it to do.

And then sometimes, that same feeling is achieved not so much through prayer but through another medium.

This morning on the drive to work, I had my phone plugged into the car to listen to my music.  One of my favorite songs from the Cardiology album came on, “Right Where I Belong.”  While GC isn’t classified as a Christian rock band, nor do many of their songs feature religious messages, this song is specifically about the singer’s relationship with God.  It’s a wonderful song and once it came on in the car this morning it was the only thing I listened to.  Just on repeat, over and over.

Here are the lyrics and the song for your enjoyment.  I hope it enhances your Thursday like it has mine.

Right Where I Belong

by Good Charlotte


As I leave the empty station,

The first thing I see is the sun over the mountains.

West Hastings Street, anxiously waiting

That’s when I feel that God is all around me.


And I don’t know where to begin,

To say I’m sorry for my sins,

So I collapse into your open arms.


I’m sorry it took me so long, out here

For me to find my way back home.

I didn’t have a reason for when I stopped believing,

But I needed you to know, that I’m right where I belong.


Now I can see everything clearly,

In the rearview, that you were right beside me.

So long ago, my voice of reason

It disappeared, along with my convictions.


And now I know where it begins,

Accept forgiveness for my sins

And just collapse into your open arms.


I’m sorry it took me so long, out here

For me to find my way back home.

I didn’t have a reason for when I stopped believing,

But I needed you to know that I’m right where I belong.


If all we are is where we’ve been,

Then I know where I want to be.

No matter how far I drift again,

You keep on waiting for me


Out here, so I can find my way back home.

I didn’t have a reason for when I stopped believing,

But I needed you to know – I’m right where I belong now,

With you, so I’ll stay quiet in your arms.


Words don’t have the meaning,

There’s no use in repeating,

But I needed you to know that I’m right where I belong.


Some Wisdom from Tina Fey

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Excerpt from Bossypants.

Gotta Get Down on Friday

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It’s Friday!

To celebrate this, a bulleted list.

• My work has a parking garage for employees to park in.  No one parks on the top.  Except for me.

• I had enough time to go by McDonald’s this morning and grab a chicken biscuit.  Not only was I still on time to work, it was the best biscuit ever.

• I get to go to Spartanburg today!  Hopping on the train after work, and then I’ll hang out for the weekend.

• I got paid today, and unless you know the feeling yourself, it’s unreal to wake up, check your bank account, and money be in there.

• Today is going to be awesome.  Plan on it!

What A Difference A Year Makes: Part 2

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Today, Last Year

Job where I was unappreciated, unwanted, and had to share my office with a cleaning lady and hide my pictures at EOD.

Today, This Year

Job I love, where I love my coworkers, where I am wanted and acknowledged, encouraged, and appreciated.  And I share my office with no one.  I can put my feet up and be myself.



Things on My Mind Thursday

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  • Dammit, Tom Cruise!  Now I can’t stand Guns N’ Roses’ version of Paradise City!
  • I am becoming my mother, y’all.  This was inevitable, and was only brought to light for me by my choice of recently-purchased underwear.
  • I think it annoys Ms. Kitty that her first name is Hello.  It would annoy me.
  • Have you heard “Up Up & Away” by Kid Cudi?  It’s an older song that’s in the new Mtn Dew Kickstart commercial.  It’s also my new jam.

  • Other current jams:
    • My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark, by Fall Out Boy
    • Take A Walk, by Passion Pit
    • I Love It, by Icona Pop
    • Best I Ever Had, by Drake
    • A Thousand Years, by Christina Perri
    • Superstar, by Madonna
  • I need more mascara.  Apparently, wearing it for a whole month like a normal person makes it run out.
  • Actually, what I need is more sleep.  Yes, this.
  • It makes me so happy that when people come into my cube at work, the first thing they notice is Iron Man.
  • Mommy wow, I’m a #biggirl now

  • I’ve been tweeting a lot more since I started working.
  • Speaking of working, I need to get back.  These weekly bullet lists are fun, I may just roll with them.
  • Later!

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This is officially the first picture of myself where I think I look my age.

Here’s to 27!

*birthday post coming soon