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Hello, all!

As you may have noticed, the little blog got a makeover today!

The blog is no longer C is for Caty, it is now Frazzled Editor.

I loved the old blog name, and thought it was really cute, but I feel like the new title is a little more hip (we’re all about being hip around here) and also more relevant to my life right now.

The same is now true for the blog address as well:  The old address directs to nowhere, and is still available should I want to revert.

This may not be a well-known tidbit, but my husband is an MTG player (and judge, represent!).  Back in August, he gave me this card:

I thought it was possibly the most awesome thing to ever happen in the history of ever.  It’s currently up in my cube at work where I can see it everyday.  And now that I’ve been looking at it for the last 2 months, it has become clear that I was meant to own this card.

I don’t talk about my line of work too often on this blog, but all you need to know is that I edit a lot of materials – from graphics to reports to Word documents and, yes, even blog posts.  Editing is something that hadn’t been a daily part of my life since 2009 and not as a career since 2007!  Getting back into it reminded me how hard it can be and also how nerve-wracking it can get.  Trust me when I say that frazzled is a good adjective!

And so, here we are.  Change is good, and I’m already loving the less-cutesy-but-still-awesome header.

Thanks for following along; here we go on a new adventure!


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  1. thehowlingfantogs

    Ahhh, thought I’d not seen you in my reader for a while. Turns out you were there along in disguise of a new name.


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