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Are You There, God? It’s Me, Caty.

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Justin and I went to see The Book of Mormon at DPAC last night.

First of all, let me just say – amazing show!  I was extremely impressed with the choreography, all the dancers did a fantastic job.  It was so much fun, and I highly recommend it.

Since the show’s creators are also the creators of South Park, one can safely assume that the subject matter will be offensive to some people.  Some would even call Book of Mormon blasphemous, and to a small degree they would be right (that’s kind of the point, though).

But I’m here today to give a different perspective.

I think that every Christian should see The Book of Mormon.

After seeing the show last night, and as a believer of God (I personally choose not to use the term Christian), this is the most enlightened I’ve felt since beginning to reassess my faith.  I’ve been on a journey to “find myself” through my faith for several months now, and every day I think about different angles of the teachings I grew up with or things I’ve been taught.  I’m enjoying this period of discovery and growth where my faith is concerned.  I think my questioning is serving to make it stronger.

This musical is helping.

Near the end of the show is a song called, “I Believe.”  The main character, Kevin Price, sings about the teachings of the Mormon religion and reaffirms his belief in them.  Throughout the course of the show, Kevin has focused on what he wanted and not what needed to be done during his mission.  He dismisses challenges because they are hard.  He leaves his friends to deal with them instead.  He doubts his relationship with God.  This song is when Kevin realizes all of this and wants to start making up for it.  It really hit home for me.  “I must trust that my Lord is mightier, and always has my back” in particular struck me.

This musical could not ring more true to the Christian faith, despite being about Mormonism.  The entire show is about using your religion correctly, to help others, and not doubting it in times of trouble.  The main character is given a huge obstacle to overcome, and has to learn a lot about himself along the way.  In the end, he realizes what faith is really about.  He realizes that he should be helping the wounded and the hurt, instead of waiting on the perfect and the healed – like he wanted in the beginning.

We should all be treating the downtrodden as an opportunity for grace and healing, and not as a nuisance or an obstruction to perfection.  Not, “Why me?” but, “How can I help?”  This is what Book of Mormon brings home.  Quite frankly, I think that God wanted me to see this show.  Because he knew I needed it.

Now, if that doesn’t ring home for your religion, I don’t know what will.

Plus, there is a musical number with sparkly vests.  If you don’t enjoy that, there is just something majorly wrong with you.

Parody title brought to you by Judy Blume.

2014 Can Officially Begin.

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I suppose it’s time I finally write my annual new years post.  I began writing them on my old blog as a way to record my new years resolutions and review the past year.  Traditionally, I’ve written the premier post on January 1st.  In the post, I recall my previous resolutions and how well those held up, as well as introduce new ones.  I’m quite late getting the first official post of 2014 written this year.  We’ll just say I gave myself a month to think about it.

I wrote a short post at the end of last year capturing some of 2013’s biggest moments for me.  I would like elaborate on each of those points to have them on record, but I’ll make individual posts for them.

Last year was incredible.  So many wonderful things happened and my world changed drastically.  For the last six months of 2013, I felt so alive in everything I did.  Electricity popped within me at every task I accomplished and every milestone I passed.  I’m convinced still that 2014 won’t hold a candle in many ways, but I don’t want to diminish the year’s light so early in.

As I was looking over last year’s post on the old blog, a few things really stuck out – things that weren’t even actual resolutions but observations or comments in passing that came to mean something later on.  Things like:

  • “I attempted to start writing at the start of last year, but couldn’t stick with it and eventually lost interest.  A resolution for this year is NaNoWriMo.”  This was part of a recap on a 2012 resolution to write more.  It’s interesting because NaNoWriMo wasn’t an actual resolution, it just happened.  I remembered it existed at the end of the year and felt like doing it.  I didn’t even remember making this comment in that post until I reread it in preparation for this one.
  • “Basically, I just sat back and expected good things to fall in my lap.  I’m a Christian, and I’d heard so many times to just “hand it over to God.”  But I think it’d be better if I met God halfway.  So this year, the mantra is, “Try Harder, Do Better.”  I want to give a better effort to things, and physically do more.  So there’s that.”  I couldn’t have possibly known what I’d accomplish or how far I would come from where I was.  I also think the “meet God halfway” strategy should stay in place.
  • In tandem with the previous bullet, “I’m on a mission this year to find a real job.  I’m tired of being a sell-out and a joke to everyone who looks at me and sees an unemployed job-seeker.  If it comes down to an unemployment agency, then so be it.”  My, how prophetic.  For it was exactly this act that led me to my dream job.

And now, a recap of 2013’s resolutions – the year preemptively described as “lucky” in that previous post:

  1. Do more.
  2. 1a.  Do less.  (i.e. Less whining, less complaining, less stressing, less lashing out, and less bad.)
  3. Lose more weight/run more.
  4.  2a.  Participate in another 5K.
  5. Take more pictures.
  6. Red Binder.
  7. Find a job.

How did I do?

  1. I like to think I accomplished a lot last year.  I went out of my way and sometimes out of my comfort zone to get the things I wanted.  So worth it.
  2. I don’t know that there was actually less of any of the examples I wanted to work on, but I did give an effort.
  3. I ran on a somewhat regular basis until I started my job.  It became difficult to balance the two, especially since I had to get up early to get ready.  I’m hoping to get back into running this year.
  4. That being said, I also want to run another 5K.  I didn’t run one last year, but I’m already looking at one for this year.
  5. At some point, I actually consciously calculated it and I take an average of 3 pictures a day.  I doubt that’s any more or less than what it’s been in previous years.  I also think the pictures mentioned in the resolution were in reference to Delilah, my big DSLR – a call to take more creative shots.  This did not happen.
  6. Yeah.  Still need to do this.  I’m tired of it taking up a resolution spot every year.
  7. Finally.

So, what’s next?

Here are the traditional 5 resolutions for 2014:

  1. Run again.  As already mentioned, I want to start running again.  I’m going to start training in mid-February for this 8K at the end of May.  I’m so excited – I’ve wanted to run this race since I moved here!
  2. Less sleep.  I made the executive decision that I need less sleep.  While some people require the exact opposite, I think I get too much sleep.  It’s a vicious cycle: I fall asleep super early, sleep through the whole night, wake up early, feel tired from getting too much sleep and acting sluggish, then fall asleep early because my body is telling me it’s tired when in reality it’s just over-rested.  I’ve already been making some strides to staying up later, so hopefully this will continue.
  3. Write more.  I may or may not do NaNoWriMo again, we’ll see how I feel about it in October.  For right now, this resolution will be slightly revised to, “edit and publish manuscript.”  I’m giving myself the month of February to edit it and create the cover.  Then all that’s left to do is publish it!
  4. Finish: Dresden, X-Files, Star Trek, KK.  This isn’t exactly a constructive goal as it’s purely for entertainment purposes.  I want to finish the Dresden Files series (up until the current book) as well as the Kingdom Keepers series, and I want to finish X-Files and watch all the incarnations of Star Trek.  I’m stupidly excited to watch Next Generation, but I feel it’s only proper to watch TOS first.
  5. Red binder.  Seriously.  In short, my mother-in-law gave me this red “binder” (which is actually a photo album) that had a lot of pictures in it from when Justin was a baby.  I wanted to scan the pictures and then return the red binder to her.  I think she gave me the binder back in 2010.  It’s time to cross this one off.

So there you have it.  That’s what I hope to accomplish/do/watch/read in 2014.  I’m sitting in my rocking chair with a red pen behind my ear, my manuscript on the floor next to me, and the sunrise illuminating my apartment.  For all intents and purposes, I can’t think of a better way to ring in the new year.