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A Bulleted List for Bon Bon

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The last couple of days have been very taxing.  I’m going to put the whole ordeal into bullet form to make it easier to digest…there’s a lot to the situation.

  • On Saturday, April 12, Justin and I took Bonnie down to the Eno, a big wooded park, for a walk.  She loved it and had a blast.  We got home and found some ticks on her, removed them, disposed of them, and then thought nothing more about it.
  • On Thursday, April 17, Bonnie began acting funny.  She seemed a little reserved at first, not wanting to come out of the bedroom or interact with Dave when he was over.  As Dave was leaving, Justin tried to get Bonnie to go outside for her nightly walk.
  • She was very reluctant and Justin said that once they got down the stairs, she just sat on the grass and refused to go to the bathroom at all.  Upon trying to get back up the stairs to our apartment, Bonnie had a lot of trouble and Justin had to carry her up the last half-flight because she couldn’t do it.  We were becoming increasingly concerned about her.
  • Friday, April 18, we were getting ready to head down to Spartanburg for Easter weekend.  Bonnie was still very out of it, now much weaker.  She flat-out refused to go for her morning walk with me.  She lay on the couch, looking absolutely pathetic.
  • Justin came to check on her that afternoon at lunch, but she still didn’t want to go outside.  She wouldn’t eat, nor move from the couch.
  • We finally got her to the car and on the drive home decided to take her to an emergency vet as soon as we got into town.
  • We rolled into Spartanburg around 11 and got to the vet.  Both our mothers met us there.
  • The doctor was a complete asshole.  He had just gotten out of a surgery and decided to take it out on us and treat us like a thorn in his side.
  • At one point, he wanted to look at Bonnie’s tummy.  I tried to make her lay down on the examination table so I could roll her over.  He got impatient, grabbed her ankles, and pulled, causing her to fall over.  Justin and I caught her and I began making a mental note to look into voodoo curses.
  • After hearing about Bonnie’s ticks from the previous weekend, that’s all he wanted to focus on.  Clearly, we are horrible parents because we didn’t keep the ticks and he could have given us a better diagnosis if we had kept them and blah blah blah.  He was a total dick.  He didn’t listen to us about her leg pain — obviously, that’s from the disease the ticks gave her, why weren’t we listening?
  • He prescribed some antibiotics, charged us a small fortune, and sent us on our way.  He promised that after the first dose she would make a complete turnaround.  She’ll be a completely different dog.
  • The stupid meds did absolutely nothing after three doses.
  • My mother-in-law called in outraged, demanded pain meds, and went with Justin to pick them up while I stayed with Bonnie.
  • The pain meds seemed to be helping as little as possible.  After several hours, Bonnie finally moved on her own, went into her crate and stayed there until we left Sunday morning.  She refused to drink anything the entire weekend, but ate food that was offered to her.
  • We got to my mom’s on Sunday afternoon for Easter lunch.  Bonnie lay on several of Dolly’s beds until we left to go home.  She did fine in the car all the way home, finally laying down.
  • We carried her up the stairs, where she retreated to the closet for the night.
  • We took her to her vet first thing Monday morning.  They were incredible to her, and actually took her symptoms into account instead of relying solely on one random occurrence.
  • She was diagnosed with Beagle Pain Syndrome.  It’s like they wrote this page about us.
  • They kept her for the day, administered some of her remaining meds and started her on a new medicine, a chewable one that she only needs once a day.
  • She already seemed in better spirits when we picked her up around 5:30.  The vet filled us in on everything and sent us home.
  • She was very loopy from a shot of pain medicine that they gave her, but she wasn’t so visibly hurting.
  • We took her home, and she hung out in the living room with us.
  • She’s under strict orders to take it as easy as possible for two weeks.  We have to carry her up and down the stairs to go for walks for one week.  She should make a full recovery after four weeks.

She slept in the closet the entire night last night.  It’s weird not feeling her against me as I sleep.  I miss her, her attitude, her sass.  I’m so happy it wasn’t a permanent/chronic condition (even though this syndrome can relapse).  She’s a perfect dog, and I can’t wait until she’s finally acting more like herself.


From last night. The first time she’s been in her window in almost a week.


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