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I’m Sew Awesome.

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In the midst of a rather sad time (currently being abruptly unemployed), this morning turned out to be sew much fun.



I first received my sewing machine, Rita Hayworth, from my ah-mazing husband back in 2012.  Despite how much I loved it and really wanted to sew on it, I was terrified of the thing.  I fixed a ripped seam on a dress and hemmed a pair of Justin’s work pants last year, but then nothing much else happened with Rita.

Cut to today!

Well, scratch that.

Cut to two weeks ago!

I bought my mom and I tickets to see Hall & Oates in Raleigh, and she was up for the concert two weekends ago.  Around the same time, I had purchased, tried on, returned, and painstakingly waited for a dress in another size to arrive from Mod Cloth.  The dress was originally purchased as a Large.  I tried it on for a grand total of three seconds, after I managed to just get it on, and realized it was way too small — despite reviews to the contrary.  So, I returned the dress for the only other size available, a 2X.

I looked like an anorexic Amish girl.  Thankfully, there is no photographic evidence of this.

And so, at my request, my mom and I worked together to take the dress in.  That required me to drag Rita away from her little sewing table in the bedroom to the kitchen table.  Once my mom went home that weekend, Rita continued to hang out on my kitchen table.

“Out of sight, out of mind” is totally true.  Seeing my sewing machine out in the open, instead of hidden away in the bedroom, made me want to use it.

Yesterday, I decided to research how to hem jeans while keeping the original hem.  After cutting off all of my jeans in college and dealing with the frayed hem, I wanted something that looked nicer.  #shortgirlproblems

I found this fabulous tutorial, and, after buying the supplies I needed (denim thread and a heavy duty needle), I hemmed my jeans this morning!

PicMonkey Collagepants

Yeah, that was three whole inches of fabric that I had been cuffing or stuffing.  The difference is incredible.

Then, still on a high from my big sewing endeavor, I decided to make (remake, even!) this shirt that I’ve seen floating around Pinterest forever.  I looked through the pile of shirts waiting to go into storage and chose the TN shirt from when I first visited my sister in college.

PicMonkey CollageMuch cuter, right?  I love it, and it took me maybe 30 minutes to do.  And, as with most things, after you’ve done it once, it’s easier each time.  So this T-shirt transformation may not even take 30 whole minutes the next time I decide to make one!

Man, this is awesome.  Maybe this is the beginning of more sewing!  Sure hope sew.



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