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2015: Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger

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Here’s to 2015!

Sigh of Relief.

At last, 2014 is officially over.  At first, I was optimistic about the year, but that light quickly faded.  The first three months were deceivingly awesome.  I got promoted at work, and thought the year could only get better from there.  Then April happened.  Bonnie got really sick, sick enough that I was convinced she was dying.  We spent an absurd amount of money trying to make her better and trying to just figure out what was wrong.  We finally did, and she was able to take some pain meds and get better.  I’m beyond thankful for her recovery, but it was one of the giant letdowns that 2014 brought us.  Then, in May, I got let go from my job that I’d been promoted to two months prior.  I spent the summer unemployed, in constant stress trying to find work.  I found a temp job at Duke and worked there for almost three months.  As of right now, I’m waiting to hear back on another job at Duke that I’ve interviewed twice for.  It sounds positive.  We’ll see.  In November, Justin fell off his motorcycle and had to spend the next several weeks recuperating.  It was just one thing after another.

On the bright side, 2014 wasn’t all bad.  I was able to reconnect with some people toward the end of the year, I had a great birthday, had a great time at D*Con, published my book, and learned new things.  I hope the coming year holds more of that.

Anyway, now that 2014 is finally in the past, let’s move on to 2015. Read the rest of this entry


Happy Halloween from Rosie!

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The Smell of Fall

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The smell of fall hit me this morning as I was walking Bonnie.  It was such a welcomed smell.


It’s hard to explain what fall smells like, but I’ll give it a try.


It smells like a combination of things.  Things like the last lingering bits of honeysuckle from summer and all the food at the fair congregating on chilly breezes.  Things like that raw smell of leaves that have just fallen from the tree and those still lingering for just a little while longer, hitting the snooze button on their alarm.  Things like the guts of pumpkins and what a yellowy orange would smell like if colors had a scent.  Things like the char of burnt leaves in a pile or logs in a bonfire.  Things like cinnamon used in coffee and desserts.


All these things come together to make the smell of fall.  And once it hits you, you never forget it.