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I Found It! And It’s Still Radical.

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My friends, I am here today to bestow upon you one of the greatest things from my childhood.

This video, entitled Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue, was shown to my class every year in elementary school as a helper to the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program – a curriculum that had just been introduced to my generation, despite being founded in ’83.

This video features what has to be nearly every beloved cartoon character from the ’80s and ’90s (voiced by all the original voice actors, I might add!).  The characters help a kid named Michael to learn about substance abuse.  I don’t know how effective the video turned out to be in terms of helping my generation to lay off the hooch, but it sure made an impression on me to be able to remember it all this time!

You have to understand, I have been searching for this video for a long time.  I remembered it my whole life and would ask other friends and people my age if they remembered it too, but to no avail.  It was like no one had ever seen it but me – people who were in the same room with me when it played every year didn’t remember it.  It felt like a lost cause; I couldn’t even conjure a title to try searching for it online.

Then, today, Cracked released an article about cartoon character appearances and this video made the list!  Finally!  It was somewhere, it had a name, I wasn’t alone!  Oh, happy day!

And so, almost 20 years later, I get to watch this again on my lunch break.

Before I go, I need to review why I love this particular version so much.

Let’s Review!

  • The famous blue screen/Disney castle combo that started every VHS tape I ever owned.
  • The words Play, Closed Captioned, and Stereo displayed in their own corners with that weird font.
  • The FBI and licensing warning that appeared, no matter your TV settings, as blown-out, high-contrast lettering.

It all just brings my right back to being a little girl and watching movies in my VCR, using the Tracking controls to get the squiggly static lines off the screen.

Ah, memories.

I hope you guys enjoy this – and drugs are totally not tubular, man!