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Working Girl (aka, A Call for Help)

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This morning, I was in a very depressed mood.  Following the absolutely tragic events of the Boston Marathon yesterday, I slept way too hard and had awful dreams.  I woke up feeling miserable.  It got worse when I realized the gas light in the car had come on and that Bonnie was low on food.

I need a job.

I’ve needed a job since January.

This time last year, I was introduced to a girl named Tara who was stepping down from one job in favor of another and looking for someone to fill her spot.  After an interview, I was hired by my boss, A.  I worked here for just past 7 months, from May to December of last year.  A turned out to be a rather incompetent boss.  Tara had worked for the company as their Marketing Specialist and had also worked off-site.  One of the stipulations of me working for them was to work on-site, something I was fine with at the time.  I think A expected something different from having the marketing person on-site.  Fireworks actually exploding from the computer monitor, perhaps.  Because it seemed as thought nothing else gave him any satisfaction.  I’m still not sure, nearly a year later, what he was expecting from the new, flashy, on-site Marketing Specialist.  What I do know is that after the 3-month mark, I wasn’t delivering.  A became increasingly disconnected from me.  A also had this insane grammar deficiency which grated my nerves like fresh Cheddar.  I figured putting up with his stunts would only prove me more worthy of my position, like graduating from a hazing.  No dice.  A had two sons, and one of them had just graduated high school and was bored over the summer and decided to hang out at his dad’s company.  This included getting to work before I did, like A did, but added the confiscating of my work computer to listen to music or watch videos.  I almost started to bring my own mouse because the office-issued one would go missing.  The company moved locations and I was told one week before we were supposed to move.  It was all highly unprofessional in my humble opinion.  I was incredibly thankful for the job, but having to put up with crap like that really got on my nerves.  Eventually A got to a point where he would text me in the morning to tell me to stay home that day, or to only work specific hours so he didn’t have to pay me for a whole day.  I knew at that point that my job wasn’t going to be in effect much longer.  He was just stringing me along as long as he could before he finally let me go.  Upon sending me a curt email stating that “we” (not sure who “we” is since I was technically the Assistant Marketing Manager and he was Senior) had decided to terminate my position, A offered me a consultant job in place of my current employee position to start in the “first quarter” of this year.

You can get a sense of the grammar deficiency here.

I’m considering that offer null and void since we are officially past the first quarter of the year and I haven’t heard anything from A.  And I’m SO okay with that.

Anyway, I said all of that simply to release passive aggression, as well as reintroduce Tara and talk about today.

I went on a sort of binger this morning and wrote to anyone I thought could help me get a job.  I worked at a place called Intab for a while as well, from 2011 to 2012.  I quit that job for numerous reasons (see here), but while I worked there, I worked under a boss named J.  I emailed J this morning to see if there was a job available at my old stomping ground, but I haven’t heard back.  It was a lot of crow that I wasn’t hungry for.

Onto Tara.  Because she is also an old work-acquaintance, I messaged her to see if there was a job she could offer me/alert me to since she works for a job placement company now.  She said yes and I am currently working with her to understand the details and apply properly for the position.  Maybe something actually is about to happen.

This is a call: if someone knows about a job that is somewhat close to me, let me know!  I’m available!  And I’m awesome!  Can’t beat that combo, seriously.